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Profesyonel Sıcak Daldırma Galvaniz Makinesi Kaplama Üretim Hattı Standart Olmayan

1 Set
Profesyonel Sıcak Daldırma Galvaniz Makinesi Kaplama Üretim Hattı Standart Olmayan
Özellikleri Fotoğraf Galerisi Ürün Açıklaması Fiyat talebi
Teknik Özellikler
Sertifika: ISO9001
Türü:: Kaplama üretim hattı
Satış sonrası hizmet Sağlanan:: Mühendisler Yurtdışı hizmeti makine için kullanılabilir
Model numarası:: Standart olmayan
Kaplama:: galvanizleme
Yüzey:: çelik

otomatik sıcak daldırma galvanizleme tesisi


sıcak daldırma galvanizleme ekipmanları

Temel bilgiler
Menşe yeri: Çin
Marka adı: XLY
Sertifika: se iso
Ödeme & teslimat koşulları
Ambalaj bilgileri: Standart ihracat ambalaj
Teslim süresi: 60 gün
Ödeme koşulları: L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A
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Professional Hot Dip Galvanizing Line Equipment Plant Machine for sale



Packaging & Delivery



Packaging Details

1. Equipment are packed by wooden boxes to reduce abrasion.
2. If the size of whole equipment is suitable for container ship usually by containers.
3. If the size is too big usually by bulk ship.
4. Freight ways are based on reducing cost for you!


Delivery Time

No more than 3 months


Technical Process:

Raw material (welded pipes) —— Derosination —— Acid treatment —— Water cleaning —— Applying impregnant —— Drying —— Zinc hot-dipping —— External blowing —— Internal blowing —— Air cooling ——Water cooling —— Passivation —— Drying —— Marking —— Inspection —— Packaging —— Finished products.



This system allow manual control interface in the pickling effect unqualified when artificial intervention, and real-time data recording, the formation of large data, the future through big data analysis, according to the acid concentration and temperature, the shape parameters, automatic formation of reasonable pickling process.



1. track is shared with an enclosed single beam, with a distance of about 32 meters.

2. configuration holder 2 sets, single set of hand load 10T, running speed of 10-20m/min;

3. supporting hand is equipped with vehicle control PLC, frequency converter, wireless communication module, code reader, track locator, RFID recognition system and so on to control the original device, and the protection level of electric control box is IP65.

4. system uses the sliding contact line, the collector supply of the car power supply; all units and the main control system adopts industrial control between wireless Ethernet, implementation of vehicle PLC and ground PLC master data exchange.




Hot dip galvanizing machinery supplier


The pipe machine is used to produce corrosion resistance and smooth layer on the surface of raw pipes after cleaning.


hot galvanizing pipe mill is used to produce corrosion resistance and smooth layer on the surface of raw pipes after cleaning.


Hot galvanizing line is used to produce corrosion resistance and smooth layer on the surface of raw pipes after cleaning. The main equipments include: drying oven, heating furnace,galvanizing machine, drawing machine, drawing upward unit, pulling out roller, moving device, internal blowing with steam and air combination, laying flat device, cooling tank, spraying conveyor, mark conveyer, blue ring machine, electrical device,eyc. our company can produce hot galvanizing pipe mill of spec. between 1/2 inch to 10 inches.



Product Description

Acid smoke collection treatment system: with the closed acid house, with water sealed and working piece move in and move out technique to control the acid smoke inside the house, to suck the acid smoke to secondary acid treatment tower by fan, with water spraying and sodium-hydroxide soluble acidimetry to achieve the acid recycle and reach the environment protection requirements.


This system adopts the vertical arm hand type lifting device, compared with the traditional vehicle or electric hoist, with accurate positioning, no shake, can achieve a stable sling hold up and down, to avoid the slings and workpiece fall into the acid pool, and my company independent research and development of the hoisting device, with the PLC automatic control program, can be intelligent the lifting task is adjusted by the process of pickling time recording processing groove, adjust the hand task, reduce the load time, the precise control of the pickling time and automatically enter and put forward into the next process of pickling tank tank.



Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine


1. Company location: Wuxi City; FOB port: Shanghai

2. ISO9001:2008 and CE certified

3. Participate actively in international competition

4. Experience: more than 20 years

5. Professional technology discussion and warm customer service



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